If you didn’t get the message by now

Once I had some time to soak it all in, I was overcome with shame, acknowledging that my egocentric self had once again reared its ugly head. Had I not gone to the DPS, I would’ve jumped up and down with joy, wishing I could kiss/hug the gracious person. So there I was reminding myself, yet again, the world does not revolve around me and my “perfect” timing.

I’m also thankful for fried wanchai service apartment rice come a busy weeknight or lazy day when I just want to be one with the couch. Anything goes when it comes to this dish. If you end up making too much rice, simply portion it out into freezer-safe plastic bags and freeze. That way you can make fried rice whenever the desire calls.For this version, I kept things very simple. And vegetarian. However, feel free to add whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Just don’t go overboard with your veggies Attractions in Hong Kong as too much can release excess moisture making the dish mushy. And, of course, don’t leave out the ketchup! You’ll appreciate the sweet and tangy elements that it adds to the dish. At the end, you can taste and squirt some more ketchup if you’d like. Be careful not to add too much as it can make the dish mushy.